Sunday, May 16, 2010

What A Difference The Lord Can Make!!!

Wow!!! What a difference seven months can make!!! Every May for the last 8 or so years, with the exception of last year, our family has came to Destin for a much anticipated vacation. Last year we were dealing with cancer, surgeries, sickness and pain, so we did not make the trip in May, but came down in October, just a couple weeks after completing my chemo and radiation treatments. As most probably remember, I ended up in the emergency room, the day after we arrived, and then was admitted to the Fort Walden Beach Hospital, were I stayed all week until the day before we were to return home. I went through two surgeries at that time to remove the infection from my neck. Although that sounds like an awful vacation, Wendell and I both feel the Lord directed us here, and that trip saved my life. We were directed to a wonderful doctor, Dr. Seifer, who in turn called in an infectious disease specialist, Dr. Anistasio. We were told at that time we were dealing with a life threatening infection, and if we had waited 24 hours longer before seeking treatment, the infection would have spread throughout my body. We stand in aw of how the Lord works and brings things together!!! Even after we returned home I had to have IV antibiotics for a week, that Dr. Anistasio had arranged for me. I was so sick and weak before going to the hospital, that Bro. Jeff, loaded a chair onto a luggage cart and pushed me from the Condo to our truck. I was skin and bones without hair at that time!!! When I think back now, of how sick I was then, and how far the Lord has brought me, I can't hold back the tears or praise!!! The Lord has truly been great to me!!!

We arrived here yesterday to beautiful sunny weather!!! Today it is cloudy and raining off and on, but the clouds have not dampened the true joy I feel in my heart just to be alive, and well, and able to make this trip with my family.
Punky and Reid on the beach.

Punky, Reid, Kiah and Wendell Playing football on the beach.


Peggy said...

He sure does make a difference! I'm glad He's my Saviour! And Glad you're doing well!

Peggy said...

Is that Reid Cannon?

Debbie said...

Yes, We rented a condo so he came down with us this year.

Peggy said...

I love his mom. I used to babysit Brady.

Karen Crabtree said...

We couldn't have asked for a better week to go to Destin. The weather was wonderful!! Everybody looked like they were having fun. That's great!!
Love you all,
Karen & family