Tuesday, August 17, 2010

So Much To Thank Him For!!!!

Wow, It's hard to believe school is already starting again. Summer vacation is officially over. Sad face. I LOVE spring and summer. Smiley face. The hotter the better. I love waking up in the morning, opening the blinds and doors and filling the house with sunshine. It literally seems to warm my heart and soul!!!! I love letting the kids stay up half the night, with their best friends, raiding the kitchen and giggling. I love allowing them to sleep late and waking them at a not so early hour to put their swim suits on and join me at our pool to spend hours just laying around sunning, talking and enjoying each others company. I love having them come in at curfew and climbing onto my bed and telling me all about their evening and the fun they had!!! We have spent soooo many lazy days this summer just enjoying life together!!!!! We were able to take our annual trip to the beach in Destin, Florida and to go on our annual camping trip to Lazy Daze in Townsend. I have loved being able to take walks, late in the evenings, with Wendell. It has been a special time for us just to slow down, talk and reconnect. Call it selfish, but I honestly felt it was ok for us (the girls and I, it's hard to get Wendell to slow down much), to be somewhat lazy this summer, considering last summer. Don't get me wrong we worked some too, and even the work has been fun. We shucked, silked, cut off, cooked, bagged and froze over 24 dozen ears of corn, (The girls didn't complain while doing the corn, they joked and made it a fun process. You see, last year my wonderful Mother in-law gave Wendell every bag of corn she had worked so hard over the summer before to put up, to cook for me. I honestly don't know how I would have survived without it. Her precious corn and his mashed potatoes were what kept me going during my radiation treatments when swallowing was an almost impossible feat!!! It is still my meal of choice, easy to swallow and delicious!!! The girls know this and I believe, is why they were willing to do this job so enthusiastically!!!! Sentimental, teary eyed face. ) We also strung, broke and canned 27 jars of beans, picked, bagged and froze 2 gallons of blueberries. The girls helped their dad with the yard work and Punky has worked quite a few hours at the store. But I guess if you put it all in a balance the fun definitely outweighed the work this summer!!!! The Lord sure has been good to our family!!!! Happy, Thankful face.


Karen Crabtree said...

I'm glad you have had a good summer. Last year was a struggle. Glad you have time to be with family.
We miss you all,

Tiffanyyyy Brianna Ruppeeee said...

I love you--Smiley face!
I love that you are able to enjoy taking walks--Big cheesy grin!
I love that you've moved curfew to the hour of nonexistent...are letting my friends move in...jackin my WM&D pay up to 15 and hour...annnndd that you looovveee me--Hopeful face?!


Mom said...

Tiffany your face is all out of whack.

Scott and Kristan said...

Debbie, so glad things are going well with you. We love your family. God has truly been good to all of us ~ Kristan

Peggy said...

We can never thank Him enough for all His blessings! God bless you!