Saturday, January 1, 2011


Over the last two years I have been many places. As 2010 drew to a close, it for me, became a time of reflection. I have thought long and hard over the many places I have been. Of all my years on this earth I feel I have "travelled" the farthest over the last two years. It has been a long journey but one where if it were in my control I would have only changed one thing, the loss of my Mother. I truly believe God has a reason for everything He allows to come into our lives. I believe there are lessons to be learned through each experience. I know I am far from the best student but have prayed throughout this journey that the Lord would help my eyes to be open to see what it is He has for me to learn. I have a great desire to know and understand His divine purpose for me in this life.

The "places" I have traveled have not all been vacation worthy!!! heehee!!! Some roads I would just have assumed to have taken a detour, if left to my own devices. I am thankful however that my life is not in my own control but in the control of an Omnipotent, loving, and above all, merciful God.

Over the last two years my "travels" have taken me to....

A place of physical pain. a place where my jaws hurt, my teeth hurt, my ears hurt, pretty much every bone in my body hurts. a place of pharmacies and pain medications. a place of antibiotics and toxic radiation and chemotherapy. a place of too many hospitals and dr. offices. a place of endless phone calls and waiting. a place of records and tests and pathology reports. a place of operating rooms and intensive care units, ambulances and back seat truck rides. a place of feeling as close to death as possible but not actually crossing over. a place of total and complete fatigue. a place of hair loss, weight loss and total self esteem loss. a place of thirst and hunger. a place of prosthetic devices and life supporting equipment. a place of oxygen and suction devices. a place of tracheotomy's and suffocation. a place of scalpels and scars. a place of needles and knives. a place of letting go. a place of great mourning. a place of loss. a place of tears. a place of heartache.

But also a place ......
A place filled with family, friends and acquaintances, new and old. A place filled with stillness and silence. A place filled with prayer and meditation. A place filled with reflection and understanding. A place of feeling safe. A place filled with hugs and best wishes. A place filled with love and compassion, trust and faith. A place filled with new understanding and outlook. A place filled with joy and laughter, smiles and sparkle. A place filled with undeserved compassion and kindness. A place filled with hope and immeasurable peace. A place filled with grace and great mercies. A place filled with the love of a mighty God.

I have been a lot of places over the past two years. I know I am far from being alone in travels. So many of us, it seems, have faced some of the most difficult times in our lives over the past year or two. I don't know why it seems we all have faced more than we ever have before. The heartbreak has been real and great. Through it all I know most of you that follow along here have a strong faith in God. Isn't it wonderful that we have Him to lean on and direct our walk. What would we have done without Him? If God is for us who can be against us?

I started thinking about the things I have written in this post after a talk with my sister, Teresa. She was telling me how she has never been one to make New Years Resolutions, but has, in the past few years, prayed about and then chose a word to be "her word" throughout the new year. She told me how that word would become ever present and important in her life throughout the year. I hope she don't mind me sharing, but it was a blessing to me and I feel one that needs to be shared and will be a blessing to others. Her word last year was "Trust". Of course we have talked and grown close over this past year and knowing her trials I know how prominent this little word, with such great connotation, has been in her life over the last 365 days!!!! I am now praying about my "word" for this year.

As I have said I know I am not alone in my "travels" these past few years. I would love to hear from others, your thoughts on the "places" you have been. If you write it on your blog, leave me a link in my comments and I'll certainly drop by. If you don't have a blog leave your "places" in my comment section where we can all read and receive a blessing from them, or e-mail them to me. I would love hearing your thoughts on the "places" you have been. It's as if we are all very different people but face so many of the same joys and sorrows. You may just have one word or two to sum up your "places" or like me you may have many. Also if you decide to pray and choose a word, let us know I will definitely post one here for myself after praying about it. As in the title of this blog, Grace has definitely been my word for the last two years. God's grace has been ever present and sufficient for me!!!!


Completely7 said...

This post was such a blessing. I will be praying about my word. Thanks for passing that along. also I will think on my "travels" as well. Glad to hear things went well in, Helen

Karen Crabtree said...

I am glad we are friends and that I was able to experience some of your travels with you. Our families have many memories we will never forget.
Let me know how your Pet Scan turns out.

Completely7 said...

I have prayed about it and I think my word for 2011 is willing. I wrote about it on my blog. Thanks for the challenge. :)