Tuesday, January 11, 2011


We have had several snows already this winter, but we woke up yesterday to the biggest one this year. We probably have 4-6 inches and it is still snowing off and on here today. I had my PET Scan scheduled for yesterday and was surprised when I called and found they were open for business!!! It took us two hours to make the usual 50 minute to one hour trip. We had to be there at 9:30 am so even the interstate was still treacherous at that early hour. Wendell text my doctor and was able to get us in yesterday after the scan instead of having to make the trip again today, as was previously scheduled. He did not have the results so soon though, and is suppose to call us today with the results. I have to admit it is a little nerve racking waiting to hear. Different doctors say different things. Dr. Netterville said he hopes to never see me again and does not seem to think I should have any more problems. (I sometimes feel he is too optimistic and will not talk about anything even slightly pessimistic.) Dr. Boppanna talked about how well I am doing considering my cancer can be very aggressive and unpredictable. So, It is hard to know what to think sometimes!!! LOL!!! I know what I should be thinking is to TRUST!!!! Anyway I will post the results here when he calls.

I have not snow sled in approximately ten or so years. My last experience at snow sledding was quite comical and very painful. I promise this is a true story!!! It had came a big snow several years ago, the first one for us since we had moved to the mountain. We were all excited about our first snow sledding experience here. We got all bundled up and headed out to one of the biggest hills back behind the house. Everyone else had took their turn going down and it was finally my turn!!! Yeah!!! I was given a big, hard push and off I went flying down the hill, screaming all the way. All was well until about half way down when I lost control, went flying off the sled, and bounced off a frozen cow patty!!! Who knew how hard a cow patty could get in below freezing temperatures!!! It had broke my tail bone!!! OUCH!!!! I actually went to the doctor, had x-rays and it was clearly visible the damage I had done. That was my last sledding experience until yesterday when I just couldn't help myself and I had to try it again. I am happy to announce all went well and no one was injured, although Dylan, Kiah's boyfriend, seemed to
try really hard to do great bodily harm to himself, but was fortunately unsuccessful!!!!

Me preparing for my first "run"!!!!

Me going off into the night!!!

Michael and Stephanie, truly excited about their upcoming trip!!!

Wendell and Dylan, no broken bones!!!!

Jess, Me and Punky ready to ride!!!

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Karen Crabtree said...

Looked like you all a good time!! That's great!! Its great to see you able to do things you were not able to last year!! Take care!!
Love you,