Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Work Day Will Be Cut In Half!!!

I spent the day running my fingers through my hair yesterday, and coming up empty handed!!! I thought maybe the mornings hair loss was just a fluke:) But then I took another shower this morning and lost a lot more. So Pam is coming this evening. It's a strange feeling to comb your hair and end up with it in your hands detached from your head!!! I am prepared with wigs and scarves and have decided at this point hair loss doesn't even make the list of things to fret over!!!! After completeing my morning shower each day, I feel as if I have acomplished the equivalent of 8 hours of work!!!! So, on the bright side, my work day will be cut in half!!!!!

We have an appointment today with the surgeon to discuss a feeding tube. I am REALLY dreading this appointment, they are "working me in", which in medical terms means "be prepared to wait for hours"!!! I also have radiation today and will meet with the radiation doctor to discuss the side effects I'm having. They told me yesterday that even though the pain meds make me sleep I need to keep taking them, it is very important to make it through the treatments without taking a break. Even if I end up sleeping the next four weeks away. So I am trying to do all they say. I don't want to have to stop before completeing all my treatments, that would make all I've done already, be for nothing!!!! I had to take the meds as soon as I got up this morning so if I am blogging a little more scattered than usual that is why:)


Karen Crabtree said...

Good to hear from you. Let us know about the tube.
You'll look pretty with no hair just like when you were a baby. We are thinking of you,

Maybe me, Carolee.Punky,Kiah,Steph,Jess, Teresa,Kim,Brandi,Patty,& the rest of your friends & family should all get our hair cut short?

Scott and Kristan said...

Hey, that's a good idea, Ms. Karen. I'm willing.
Still praying for you, Ms. Debbie.