Wednesday, August 12, 2009

No Chemo Today.

Wendell and I both had problems sleeping last night, insomnia had set in!!! He left for work at 4:00 am and so I just got up and tried to catch up on laundry and book work. I suddenly became ill, and had some vomiting. It came on suddenly and was a little shocking, I have been nauseous but have not actually threw up. Once it was over I felt some better and was able to lay back down and fall asleep around 7 am for a couple hours.
True to my thinking, my work day was cut in half!!! Pam came and cut my hair extremely short last night. It's about 1/2 inch long. I had her leave my bangs, in the hopes of hanging on to them as long as possible, (I don't look quite as bald with bangs coming out from under my hats!!!) My hair is thick and is falling out all over, not just in spots, so my head is actually still pretty much covered with hair right now. I wore a black turban to treatment today, I actually thought it looked ok. It was kind of nice, not to have to worry about my hair, when I wasn't feeling well. I was actually asked by another patient where I got my hat!!! Imagine me, Bald and stylin!!!! I'll just let you imagine for awhile before I post pictures of the reality!!!!
I got sick on the way to treatment today and had to have Wendell pull over:( They did my radiation but when I went for the Chemo they had the Doctor come look at the blisters in my mouth, and decided not to do the chemo today. They explained that the chemo intensifies the radiation, the sores, if my blood count goes low because of the chemo, can turn into a hard to fight infection. So it is best to take this week off from chemo. I am off next week anyway because it will be week four. We will resume the chemo the next week. I will not make up the times I miss.
All I was able to eat yesterday was some bean juice, from my Mother In Law, late last night. Today I lost the soup broth I had ate for breakfast, on the way to treatments! After treatment Wendell took me to McCalister's Deli to check out their soup menu, I purchased Cheesy Potato Soup there. I'm not a normally big cheese fan (even though the taste buds are pretty much gone), so he also took me to Panera Bread where I purchased Baked Potato Soup. After coming home and doing some mouth wash regimes, I was actually able to eat one of the soups for dinner and one for a late night snack!!! It feels good to have something in the stomach. Never thought I would have that problem!!!! If you know of any places to buy good creamy soups I'm all ears!!!
Looks like me and potato's are becoming "best spud's" again, hee hee!!!!


Scott and Kristan said...

I was hoping for a picture of your new "do". I'm sure you look beautiful as always. I hated to hear that you weren't feeling well again, but you seem to be in good spirits. I'm praying as hard as I know how. I'm hoping you can keep some food and liquids down. I know quite a bit about nausea, even though our situations are entirely different. It's a rough feeling. I DO hope you have a really good day and week. Hope to see you soon. Take care, Kristan

kim said...

I'm glad you are handling all this
so well.NO One knows how you feel
unless they have had Cancer and have had to cut off their Hair!!!
It is hard to see someone you care
about suffer so much,but it helps
that you are doing your best to
deal with this.I haven't called
because I knew you couldn't talk.
But I have been keeping up with
what is going on.(Sorry for the
rant,i'm feeling emotional to day,
to borrow a term of yours.)Well,
gotta go school my kids.I quess if
I don't get to talk to you on the phone,my comments will be long!

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Debbie,
We are continuing to pray for you. Your spirit is a great blessing!!! Glad you were able to eat some soup. I'll see if I can get Bro. Charlie Francis to make you some of his famous "Fish Stew"! That'll make you feel better!!! :)
Bro. Pallotta

Karen Crabtree said...

I know how you feel about your bangs!! Maybe not doing chemo will help your blisters, I really hope so. You know we love you and pray you are able to eat.. Take care,
Karen & family

Teresa said...

Even though your tastes buds may be pretty much gone, I PROMISE NOT to let Charlie make you some of his "Famous Fish Stew". (I love fish and I won't touch the stuff.) I love you too much to let that happen!!

Debbie said...

I have had stomache problems for a couple years that would find me sitting in the bathroom sick and breaking out in sweat that would soak my clothes, everytime that would happen I would think of and pray for chemo vivtims that go through similar things and wonder how they could possibily deal with it!!! Now I know, only by God's ever abundant Grace!!!! And I am so thankful for all the prayers being prayed for me!!!!

I soooo miss our phone conversations!!!! I find it pretty hard to carry on much conversation now because of the sores. Hopefully two weeks off of chemo will help clear that up and we can resume are long talks!!! I really do miss it!!!! Love you Guys!!!

Bro. Bret
I don't know if I have ever told you or Miss. Tammy this but besides Bro. Jones, our pastor, You are my favorite preacher. I have never heard a message or even a testimony from you that did not help me and bless my life in some way. It means more to me than you two can know that you remember me in prayer!!!! With that said....
I love my brother in law, but his natural way of cooking, (by natural I mean he likes to cook anything and everything found walking in nature....squirels, possums.. coons...) would be very impressive to folks like Jed and Granny Clampett, but I think I will stick to Panera Bread!!!!

Debbie said...


Anonymous said...

Debbie - Glad you are getting a little break from the chemo this week.I am sure you were ready for that. We have been praying for you & Wendell daily.We love you'll & pray the Lord will give you exactly what you need in abundance. Be it strength, rest, comfort or just you being still and knowing you are loved. Praying for ya- Kim & Tony Clower