Wednesday, December 30, 2009

PET Scan Today

Wendell and I left the house at 9:15 this morning, headed for Knoxville, for my PET scan. I was feeling fine this morning, not dreading it or anything. When we got there I began to feel a little emotional. There was another lady sitting, waiting, who looked fairly healthy... she had more hair than me and was a decent weight, but when they called her back her movements were slow and sickly. It broke my heart for her, knowing what she was going through and it brought back memories of my own struggles. It was difficult to hold back the tears for a few moments. This cancer journey is something hard to understand unless you have been there and it is something you hope no one else ever has to understand.
My appointment was at 10:30. After signing all the paper work they took me back. I had the same nice male nurse I had last time. I think his name was Will, although without reading classes I'm half blind, so his name might have been Bill or Harvey or something...anyway.. the first thing he did was weigh me... for those who might be interested I now weigh 119 lbs, up 9lbs from my lowest point and down about 50lbs from the start of all this!!!!
He sat me in a recliner in this tiny little room, he then made me extremely comfortable, layed back, feet up, nice fluffy pillow, warm blanket....Then the sticking starts!!!! It is very rare that anyone "sticks" me and hits the vein before the third or fourth try. Today I got lucky, he hit it on the second try, but in my hand!!! They tested my blood sugar, which was good @ 93, and started an IV. Then he brought me another jug of white milky "gook" to drink. (I had to drink one jug last night.) He explained the one last night was to "coat" my pelvic area and the one today was to "coat" my throat area. He then left and the technician came in with his little metal box. This always cracks me up to see him walk in carrying this small metal box, I feel as if I'm in a sci-fi movie, fixing to be injected with some extremely hazardous material that will make night lighting unnecessary in our household!!!! He then pulls out a syringe which is encased in a fairly large metal cylinder and injects the radio active isotopes into my IV. Then he leaves me for 1 hour while the white milky "gook" and the glow in the dark isotopes flow evenly throughout my rolling little veins!!!! So I did what I do best...napped!!! When he came back to get me he had me go to empty my bladder and then he strapped me to this extremely narrow table to begin the scans. The scans only take about fifteen minutes during which time my arms and feet are strapped to the table and I have to remain still. This of course is the time in which body parts I forgot I had begin to itch!!!!! All in all it really wasn't a bad experience. We got out of there at about 1:00 and Wendell had Krispy Kreme doughnuts waiting on me!!! Today I was actually able to eat the doughnut for the first time!!!! Usually I can only lick the creme out of the middle and waste the rest... It was a good day!!!
My doctor is on vacation so I will not find out the results of the scans until Monday. I have to try really hard to not think about it or dwell on it.... I have to admit it is going to be a long five days. Please help me to pray that what ever the Lord's will is, He will provide the grace I need to accept it. My appointment is not until 2:30 p.m. on Monday, in Knoxville, but as soon as I am back home I will post the results here so those of you who are so faithful to pray for us will know my results as soon as possible. Once again thank you for your love, support, and most of all your prayers!!!!


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Praying you get a good report.

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We are praying all is well,
Karen & family

Happy and Healthy New Year!!!