Friday, February 6, 2009

At the close of the business day........

After another day of endless phone calls and e-mails....We have talked to Dr. Sewall, Dr. Sewall's Nurse, the oncologist in FL.'s nurse, Dr. Netterville's nurse at Vanderbilt, and by e-mail to the oncologist in FL.....this is where we're at .......
We had decided to go ahead and have the surgery at Oak Ridge next week. I then composed an e-mail to the Dr. in FL telling him this and asking his opinion. I hit the send button, sat down, and immediately had no peace with this decision. So I immediately began to compose another e-mail to the FL Dr. explaining this. Before I could hit the send button to send this e-mail, I had a reply from him. Although he said having the surgery at Oak Ridge would probably be ok, he knows Dr. Netterville at Vanderbilt. He said he had been thinking about this for several days and thinks at this point if it were him he would wait for the appointment at Vanderbilt. I then called Dr. Sewall back. He has left a messsage for Dr. Netterville (who is out of his office next week), to call him about getting me in sooner.
I know it is a direct result of the prayers going up for me, that God let me know without a doubt I was making the wrong decision. Thanks to all of you, who are praying for me!!!!!! Please continue to pray that the Lord's will will be done in this and that we will know His will for us as we make each decision. There is nothing compared to the peace of God that comes from knowing, no matter what the end results might be, you have made the decision the Lord wills for you. I have peace.


Anonymous said...

Did not like the oak ridge thing!!See what
happens when you don't call me at a very,
very,extremely early,hour in the morning.
I really do need to find that book I said I
was going to buy you!

Your favorite sister,

Debbie said...

I want to write my own book, but Certain loved ones keep SQUASHING my creative abilities!!!!
So my only option is to relay it all to a distant (older) cousin!!!!

Tiffany and Aaron said...

We would like to know where the pic of Aaron is on the side???? He is "The Bestest Son-in-law in the WHOLE world" (self-proclaimed) and we think there should be a pic of him on the side.

~<3 Punky and Aaron

Mammy said...

I object to what Kim said, I know I'm your favorite sister! ~Teresa~

preacher007 said...

Talked to Wendell today. Seems no more news. Thinking of Nashville and then going to Fl. We are praying for you and keeping up with the process you are going thru. Sure is good to have God's grace poured out on us isn't it! It is amazing how slowly things move in a world that moves so fast.
Endure hardness as a Good Soldier of Jesus Christ.