Friday, February 6, 2009

Just wanted to give an update.

We still haven’t heard back from Nashville on the pathology report. But we have been in contact with an oncologist in Florida, who Wendell went to school with. He has been very kind in giving us advice on things we might want to think about doing. So I decided to go ahead and contact a surgeon’s office at Vanderbilt to schedule an appointment. After a long day, yesterday, of phone calls, I was told to have Dr. Sewall’s office send them all my records, but the earliest they could see me was March 2. That, being almost a month away, concerned Wendell and I. We then e-mailed this to the oncologist in Florida to ask if our concerns were valid and he said that was “a really long time to wait”. That would put surgery 5 or 6 weeks out. He told us to have Dr. Sewall’s office send him my records and he asked for our insurance info. So, we Contacted Dr. Sewall’s office today and they are faxing my records to Vanderbilt and also to Florida. As of now we still don’t know much of what our future holds… Vanderbilt? Florida? The only thing I am still sure of is God is in control. And I pray His will be done. I know that may sound strange to some. Some may wonder why I am not on my knees begging God for a complete cure. But in my heart, I know, that may not be His will for me. So I continue to pray for what I feel I need the most right now and that is His Grace to deal with this. I continue to hold dear His promise to me, that His grace will be sufficient.

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Anonymous said...

Now Debbie I know you believe strongly in Gods grace, You are married to Wendall and still have your senses. Just kidding I hear you all laughing! Love you guys and you are right God is in control and loves us SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much!!!! Praying for you all!