Thursday, February 26, 2009

All is Well.

I want to say thank you to everyone for their concern, comments, cards, letters, books and most of all your prayers. People I have never even met personally have let me know they are praying for me. This means so much to me. I know it is by the grace of God and the prayers people are praying for me that has kept me fairly sane, (or at least my “normal”!!!), during this waiting process.
It’s wonderful how the Lord knows exactly what we need, exactly when we need it. Just like a loving Father wrapping his strong arms around and comforting his child and letting them know all is well. I woke up feeling a bit down this morning. I’ve had what seems like a permanent sore throat for weeks and while feeling of my neck and doing some more of my self diagnosing this morning I can now feel what seems like a lump on the side of my neck. For a few minutes, while showering, I allowed myself to get discouraged and even depressed. For awhile I allowed myself to dwell on “woe is me.” Then as I was stepping out of the shower the Lord showed me I had lost my focus. I had turned my eyes away from Him and onto my own imaginings. He hasn’t changed. He is still in control. His grace IS sufficient. Whatever I may face walking this path, He is with me. I may not understand, but I don’t have to understand. I have to trust.
I can’t say enough how thankful I am for the prayers that you are praying for me. I know my journey has just begun and this road may get long and dark. I know I will continue to need the prayers of God’s people more than anything else anyone could do for me. Please pray for God’s grace for me and that even when times get dark I will not lose my focus, but I will continue to seek His light.

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Tammy said...

We are still praying for you.