Sunday, November 15, 2009

Another Good Week

This week has helped me to feel as if I am really on the mend. My energy level has increased some and I have gotten out of the house more.
I had an appointment with a new Oncologist this past Thursday. Wendell and I both really liked him. I had requested he check my thyroid because of the fatigue and the night sweats, he did and called Friday evening to say it checked out ok. He also said after reviewing all my records from Vanderbilt, he feels I will need no more chemo at this point!!!!!YEAH!!!! I have a bad case of thrush in my mouth, so he wrote me a prescription for it. The thrush doesn't hurt until I try to eat, then my mouth feels like it is on fire. So I have ate a lot of ice cream lately!!!!Great excuse for a Sonic Butterfinger Blast!!!!! My swallowing is also slowly improving, I am hopeful in a few more weeks maybe I will be able to swallow pizza!!!!!
The nurse flushed my port while I was there. I had to sit in one of the "Chemo Recliners" for her to do this. It brought back memories and a lot of sadness as I looked around and saw four or five other women sitting in the chairs getting their treatments. The Lord has been merciful and brought me a long way on this journey. I said a silent prayer for those women. I have an appointment for the PET scan on December 30.
After leaving the Doctor's office we went to the Knoxville Civic Coliseum an bought our tickets for Disney On Ice!!!! This year it is "Finding Nemo"!!!! I'm excited!!! Anything beats another year of "Disney Princesses"!!!! Carolee and I have took the kids for probably the last ten years!!! We always have a great time, not just watching the show but the whole evening is fun, just making memories with the kids, and circling the ladies Basketball Hall of Fame several times every year before finding the parking garage!!!!
Please help us to pray for Mrs. Adkisson also. We went by to see her for a few minutes. They are having trouble finding where her blood is going and have to give her blood and platelets almost daily. She is very weak. Please remember her in your prayers. She is a very special lady to a lot of people!!!! Punky and Kiah view her as another Granny!!!!
As I end this post I just want to once again thank you for the prayers you have prayed for me, and to praise the Lord for His Mercy and Faithfulness!!!! He has been sooo good to me. I can already look back on parts of this journey, when I sometimes couldn't understand, and see some of what He was patiently trying to teach me. There have been times when I have cried out to Him, not feeling His presence and if I had to rely on feeling His presence I would have gave up, but crying out by faith, and leaning on His promise, by faith, that He will never leave or forsake me, and every time I found Him faithful!!! I praise His Holy name! He is Worthy!!!


Peggy said...

So glad you're doing better, Debbie! We serve a wonderful Savior!

Karen Crabtree said...

Good to see you yesterday. You look like you are doing so much better. I'm happy for you and your family.
Can't wait for you to eat pizza. We'll all go back to Mama Mia's. Tell Carolee and Kim to get ready for that.
We love you all,
Karen & family