Monday, November 9, 2009

A Blessed Weekend

The Lord blessed my family and I with a wonderful weekend.
For the last couple of weeks, as I have said, I have been more emotional than normal for me. Not having much energy is hard for me. I feel so useless a lot of the time because I find myself sitting or laying around most of the day. I miss having the energy to interact more with Wendell and the girls. I rationally realize that a lack of energy, at this point, is such a small thing to stress over, but I honestly can't help it sometimes. I guess I thought when I was going through the treatments that of course I would feel bad and have no energy, so it was easier to accept. Once I finished the treatments I guess I thought I would automatically feel a lot better, which hasn't been the case.
I also find myself mourning the loss of my Mom daily now. I think with the holidays approaching, it is becoming a little harder. The last time my Mom was at my house was Christmas day last year. My main memory of that day was her walking in, looking beautiful as always, with baskets of food. She always makes the dressing and the best macaroni salad ever, among several other dishes. She also always made some of the best fudge ever!!!!
Although I was up for it at first, as the day went on Saturday, because of a lack of energy, I almost backed out....but Wendell kept convincing me he thought it would be really good for me to get away from the house for awhile. He assured me if I just felt like laying around once we got there then that's what we would do. So Wendell, Punky, Kiah, Jess, Aaron, Cassie and I decided to go to Pigeon Forge. We rented a cabin for Saturday and Sunday night. We went to dinner at the Apple Barn Saturday evening when we got there and then went on to the cabin. We had a good time playing pool and they enjoyed the hot tub. I did lay around a lot Sat. evening, but we were all together and I felt sooo blessed just to be there with my family, (which includes Aaron and Cassie, they are family in our hearts!!!!). Wendell and I have always treasured spending time with our kids and making memories. We have had financially hard times, like most everyone, in the past as they were growing up, but we have made wonderful precious memories with them just spending time together often just doing the simplest things. Their growing up and I know our days with them here under our roof are numbered. We treasure are times together even more now. We went to the Outlet Mall yesterday. The weather was beautiful!!!! The fresh air seemed to revive my weak body!!! When my energy level would get low I would find a bench and rest for a few minutes and then off we would go again. Wendell and the kids are always so great to understand and do all they can to make things easy for me!! The Lord was so good to me!!! I could not have prayed for a better day. I am still rejoicing and thanking Him today for giving me such a great weekend physically!!!! I forgot to take my camera so I have no pictures to post :(

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Karen Crabtree said...

Glad you all had a good time!! Hopefully your energy level will get alot better, so you can enjoy the holidays. I know what you, Kim and Teresa feel about the holidays and the loss of your Mom. All I can say it is hard. I will miss my Dad this Thanksgiving and Christmas just like it it the first time. Its hard to describe to you. Dad always fixed the turkey and dressing, and we have tried to do it like he would, but it will never be that way. But I don't want to be more depressing.
I loved your Mom's fudge. You all had a beautiful Mom just like you girls are. All I can say it is the way life is suppose to be. It is hard. But you know you girls have family and friends who love you very much!!
Karen & family