Monday, May 11, 2009

The Desire Of My Heart

It's been a week since my last blog, and although I have had things I have wanted to blog about it has been hard finding the time to sit down and do it.

My children and Aaron made Mother's Day very special, I received cards and beautiful presents. Stephanie cooked a wonderful lunch for all of us. (She received her culinary skills from Wendell not me!) It was like Christmas dinner. Since my surgery eating has become somewhat of a chore. My mouth won't open wide enough most of the time to get the food in, so it takes me a long time to eat a very small portion. Then my mouth piece fills up and the food starts to fill up my nasal cavity so I have to stop eating and go clean everything out. By the time all that is done it just doesn't seem worth the effort. So yesterday I put my usual teaspoon size helpings on my plate and began eating. After three helpings of food with only one trip to "clean" and as I was cutting my second piece of Butterfinger Cake it occurred to me that I was eating like a complete pig!!!! I made the remark that I didn't know what had happened but I have not been able to eat so well since surgery. Then it came to me.... On the way to Stephanie's after church I told Wendell that I was starving and that "I wish I could sit down and be able to eat just one meal and enjoy it like a normal person, just once." Immediately after saying it I felt guilty for complaining because I know there are people who would love to be able to eat as well as I do and also because I hate to say these things to Wendell because I know he feels my pain more that I do most of the time and I hate for him to feel bad for me. Sitting at the table at Stephanie's feeling as if I was going to literally pop, I knew the Lord had heard me. Even though it had not been an actual prayer, He had granted me the desire of my heart. What a wonderful God I have!!!! His love, mercy and grace are endlessly amazing!!!

Thank You to everyone who voted for me in the "Mother's Day Of A Lifetime" contest. I honestly don't feel worthy of any kind of special honor but it was a really fun, special experience. My favorite thing I won was the framed essay that Stephanie had wrote entering me in the contest. I will cherish that always. I am a very blessed mother. And to all those who have asked me to share... No, I haven't opened the wine!!!!

This was the first Mother's day without my Mother here to share it with. Mother's day is actually the holiday every year that I claim Wendell tries to get all his brownie points with my Mom. She, like Wendell, and unlike me, loved her flowers. Every year he buys her a hanging basket and we take it to her. She would always ooh and awww over it and they would hug and as usual she would think he hung the moon as he hung her basket for her. I miss that. This year he still purchased a beautiful basket and hung it in the usual spot for her. I like to think it still made her smile. I stole this picture of my Mom, from my sister Teresa's blog. I love this picture. My Mom was a beautiful woman.

Happy Mother's Day Mom. I miss you!!!

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Karen Crabtree said...

I'm so glad you were able to enjoy Mother's day with Stephanie and your family and of course my sweet son Aaron.
I'm so sorry your Mom was not here. She was a beautiful lady. I thought about you, Kim, Teresa and your Dad and wish things were different.
We love you,
Karen & family