Sunday, May 31, 2009


Dr. Netterville's Surgery scheduler called us Friday to inform us they have reserved the operating room all day Tuesday for my surgery. She could not give us the start time because Dr. Netterville was in Phoenix AZ last week, but will call us tomorrow morning to let us know. We will take our lap top with us and eighter Stephanie or Wendell will keep my blog updated.

I have had more pain in my jaws today than normal and had voiced that to Wendell several times throughout the day. Tonight I realized my mouth was opening a little bit more than usual. I don't know if that was a result of the pain or if the pain was a result of our company today!!! The Treadways came over for lunch today and everyone that knows us, knows, when Carolee and I are together, no one else can get a word in!! We talked nonstop for hours!!! So maybe it was the extra exercise that made my mouth open a little farther!!!! Thanks Carolee!!!

I have wanted to be able to show those who might be interested the hole in the roof of my mouth. Although I have tried to take a picture I have been unsuccessful in the past because my mouth would not open far enough. But thanks to extra pain, or great company, or whatever, I was able to get some pics tonight. So for those who would rather not see, (Squirel, This Means You!!!!).... consider this a WARNING!!! READ NO FARTHER!!!! STOP NOW!!!!!!



For Those Who Are Curious....Here It Is...This is the best I could do...This is the roof of my mouth...


kim said...

Your warning wasn't good enough.
It's like a car wreck on the interstate,you have to look!!!

Debbie said...

Too Funny!!! It use to be a lot bigger. As it has healed it has closed up a lot!!!! Just be glad I couldn't take pics a month ago!!!!