Saturday, May 2, 2009

Well, as I wrote in my last post, the news we got was not what we were expecting or hoping to hear. We had consulted with Wendell's friend, the radiology oncologist in Florida, after getting my post surgery pathology report. He was of the opinion, at that time, that I would not need radiation. What we learned from the doctor at Vanderbilt this past Thursday is.....If we were in Europe they would automatically do radiation treatments for this kind of in the US doctors have varying opinions on the necessity of the treatment after this kind of surgery where they are able to achieve "clean margins" in the operating room. In other words some doctors say you definitely need it, some say you don't. We have great respect for the Doctor in Florida and know he will have our best interest at heart. I emailed him this evening, telling him of what we have been told here, and asking his opinion once again. We praise the Lord that we have him to consult with. This is a decision, that if you have an extra moment I ask that you ask the Lord to help us make the right decision on whether to go ahead with the treatments or not. I know I have asked for more prayer than I have ever deserved, but I feel sooooo blessed that so many are taking the time to seek the Lord on my behalf!!!!
I asked the Dr. about my mouth not opening and he said to keep doing what we have been doing, but to make it my main mission and focus every day. He said I have three months from the date of surgery to get it opened or the scar tissue will build so much that I will not be able to open it any further, ever!!! There is no surgery or treatment that will ever help once the scar tissue builds. Also, if I have the treatments I will not be able to open my mouth wide enough to get my tongue out of the way and so it will be, as the Dr. put it,"like having a severe sunburn on your tongue". He made an appointment for me to go to Baptist West in Knoxville this Tuesday to get started. He said I should get started with the treatments within the next two weeks.
At this point we have no idea what to do. To be honest with you having radiation treatments was not tops on my list of things to do this summer!!!!

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