Tuesday, May 19, 2009

PET Scan Results

We had an appointment with Dr. Bopanna at Baptist West today at 1:45 to discuss the results of the PET Scan I had yesterday. Wendell and I discussed the fact that our nerves were kind of on edge today, on the way to the appointment. He said we have went to the past appointments expecting to receive good news and had been given news we didn't want to hear, so today we were expecting the worst. Luckily, we have found, at most of these "cancer" appointments, we are not kept waiting long, for which we are very thankful. So after reviewing my scan and the report Dr. Bopanna informed us that.....
On the PET Scan any areas of cancer glows. It does not make the cells glow but if there are areas of cancer those places will glow. On my scan the area around where the surgery was, is glowing at a scale of 3.4, which may mean it is just from post surgery infection. Anything glowing on a scale of 6 is pretty much considered cancer so the lower number is a better sign. There is also one small lympth node in my neck that is glowing at a scale of 5 which is more worrisome and is considered borderline. We will take the disk of the scan with us to our appointment with Dr. Netterville on Thursday to see what he wants to do about the lymph node. Dr. Bopanna said Dr. Netterville may want to remove the lymph node, do a biopsy, or just insure it is included in the area to be radiated. So for now we will just wait to see what Dr. Netterville feels we need to do. My temple has been sore for months, (even prior to the cancer discovery), so I was concerned about what that area would show on the scan, but he said it was clear. Once again, from what I understand, there may be individual cancer cells which will not show up on any scan or test, (thus the need for radiation to begin with), just "areas" with cancer show up on the scans. All in all Wendell and I felt some relief after hearing the results today, at least we know the cancer hasn't spread very far yet.
I have listened to Wendell make phone calls after my appointments to inform some family members of the results and he always says "we". "We" had a scan today... "We" got our results back today. Etc... I have thought alot about this lately. It really is a "We" deal. I may be the one physically experiencing the tests, but he is definately physically feeling the effects. I know he spends far more time than I ever have thinking about and worrying over all this. I don't know how I would make it through this without him. He has been by my side every step of this journey. He has driven me to every appointment, (except one, when he was so sick with the flu he could'nt get out of bed), He has went in for every appointment they will allow him to and sat in the waiting room for all the rest. If you have ever spent much time in Dr.'s offices you know how tiring that can be. He has cooked anything and everything he thought I might be able to eat.
I am truely a very Blessed woman!!!

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Karen Crabtree said...

Let us know how it goes today. I know its hard going to the dr so much. It gets old fast, but hopefully after the radiation that will be all the visits to the dr. Take care.
Karen & family