Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Back in the Hospital

Hello family and friends. This is Stephanie posting for mom. She asked me to update her blog.

Friday while enjoying camping in Townsend, Mom started feeling weak and was unable to eat. Saturday morning she work up at 5:00am with a fever. After talking to the doctors on the phone, Wendell took mom to the emergency room. Her white blood cell count was too low to fight off infection. She was hospitalized.

This time has been really rough on her. She's felt rough and hasn't had much comfort until a little today. She might get to go home tomorrow. As of now, chemo and radiation are on hold until her system can rebuild itself.


Karen Crabtree said...

Debbie & family,
It's always great to see someone has blogged. We missed you all after you left on Saturday. It's always different at Townsend when a family that usually stays is not there, especially when you had to go to the hospital. Of course, we enjoyed Kiah and Punky being there. Bless your heart, I know those blisters have to be so painful
and it worries me about you not being able to eat. Your eyes look very pretty!!
We love you all,

Peggy said...

Still praying daily.....