Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My Bald Debut

Well, I see I have made my bald debut on the Internet!!! Thanks Steph, Teresa and Punky :)

It's Wednesday morning and I just found out I will be spending another night here at Baptist West. Not what I consider exciting news:(

As Stephanie has said, I woke up about 3:00 am Saturday morning freezing, with a fever of 101*. The Doctors had told us, at the beginning of this Radiation/Chemo trip, that if I developed a fever of 100.5* or greater I would have to be admitted into the hospital. My mouth and throat were so sore I did not have a voice. So off we went to the hospital and have been here since. I'm going to be honest, this past weekend I reached my lowest point so far, on this journey. My mouth, tongue and throat are covered in blisters. I have had one blister on my tongue before that has made me miserable, but a mouth full of them is a whole new ball game!!! The pain was pretty intense, and it took quite a while for the doctors to get it to a manageable level. My voice was pretty much inaudible and swallowing was almost unbearable!!! I did not eat anything from Thursday until Tuesday night. I have to admit I have done a lot of crying this weekend, so much for being strong!!! I can't say I understand all the "whys?" but I do know my God has a purpose. Please continue to pray that my eyes will be open to anything the Lord intends for me to learn. It is still my desire to walk this path in His will. Even through my tears His grace has shown through.
I have eight more radiation treatments to go. I don't know when they will resume them. The Radiation doctors do not like to skip treatments and I know they will be anxious for me to continue as soon as I get out of here. On the other hand the other doctors feel the need for me to recover more. Please pray the Lord will give Wendell and I and the doctors wisdom in making these decisions. The radiation doctors have stressed the importance of not missing or delaying any treatments, especially the ones near the end. We sure do not want to make a decision that would set us backwards or make the treatments already endured, less effective.
I hope to get out of here tomorrow. The reason he wouldn't let me go today was because I had ate and drunk very little. Once again my Mother in Law has came to the rescue and sent me potato soup today. After numbing my throat I was able to eat one and a half cups!!!!
Well, some things haven't changed, like my nap times!!! Please continue to ask the Lord for His will in my life.


Teresa said...

Hey, all the thanks should go to Steph, I stole the pic from her blog! And I hate to say it, but there is one thing I agree with Wendall on. (Please don't tell him I said I agreed with him, I'll never hear the end of that). You are beautiful, bald head or not!I'm glad you are feeling better and was able to eat. Keep it up! And as for not being strong, crying doesn't make you any weaker. Sometimes, it gives you the strength to go on. After all, "Jesus wept". Love you!

Teresa Buck said...

You are beautiful with or without hair. Your inner beauty shines through your strength and faith. Remember God has a path for you to walk and he will always be holding your hand. I pray for you to have strength to finish your treatments and at the end there will be a cure. Love from Teresa & Junior.

Karen Crabtree said...

So glad you were able to eat the potato soup. That makes me feel better for you. I know it is getting harder but I know you can do it. You are a strong woman just like my mom. Try to eat as much as you can to keep your strength up. I sound bossy, but I love you like a sister and want you to get better.
Take care,
Karen & family

Pamela said...

Our family is still praying for you. I know that God does have a reason for this. You are a blessing to me and my family. I see the Lord working in your life even through your tears. Like your sister said, "Jesus wept". Tears are not a sign of weakness. I see so much faith through your life. I thank God for sending a little part of you to us in our lives. We have learned so much from you. God has used you in a tremendous way. I'm glad you could eat some of the potato soup. You are a beautiful and Godly woman. Keep up the faith. God's grace will be sufficient. His mercy endureth forever.
We love you, and are in continual prayer for you, Wendell and kids. To God get the glory.

Ray, Pamela, Madison and Caleb Dunkley

Bro. Tim Ruppe, members

Scott and Kristan said...

Hi Ms. Debbie, it's been a while since I've said anything, but I definitely have not forgotten you. I pray for you constantly. I hate this for you and your family. I don't understand why things go on in our lives, but like you say, His grace is sufficient. I've experienced it myself lately. I haven't heard, but I hope you got to go home today. I hope you get well enough to finish up your treatments. We are praying for strength to continue on. It's true what everyone else has said about tears. They really do bring strength. I think when you just "cry it out" you're leaning on Him. We love you all so much and are praying for wisdom. Kristan