Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Mom was there, of course, the day I was born.
After having babies of my own, I can imagine her joy.
I can see her changing diapers and feeding me daily, and caring to my every tiny little need.
Mom dressed me in the cutest little outfits, and took many pictures of the special occasions, like Easter Dresses and Christmas outfits.
Mom kept me home until starting first grade, she always said kids spend enough time in school, there is no reason to send them earlier...kindergarten was optional back then.
Mom came to every school function I can remember being involved in.
Mom walked most places with us, since Dad drove the car to work. This of course, at the time and place, the 70's, in Southern California, was not trashy or unusual, it was very much the norm for everyone.
Mom would walk, with us in tow, to the store, and as a child I always looked forward to the privilege of eating lunch at one of the stores' lunch counters. Mom always let us choose what we wanted to eat.
Mom would get the groceries or what ever supplies we had come for and we would start the walk back home. I remember one time we were on the sidewalk that ran in front of the grocery store. There were two people, walking in front of us, doing funny looking things with their hands. I asked my Mom what they were doing and she said they were deaf and were talking with their hands!!!! That sounded so exciting to me and I tried as hard as I could, to get close enough to them, to hear their hands talking!!!! They finally went in a store and I never got to "hear" a word!!!!!
Mom was always there sitting in the audience at every school function, talent show, play or whatever, that I was involved in. Like I already mentioned, she usually would walk to these affairs in the hot southern California sun.
I can't remember a birthday that did not involve a home made cake and a party or sleepover.
I very rarely received a toy or a present when visiting any store throughout the year. But for my birthday or on Christmas I always KNEW, what I asked for I WOULD receive. I never remember one occasion that I did not receive the item I had asked for.
In the summer, Mom would walk with us, or, as we got older, give us the money and allow us to walk to the county swimming pool to spend the day playing in the water and sunning ourselves for hours before walking or riding our bikes back home.
Mom gave us the money for admittance and of course some for snacks and let us ride our bikes to the daily summer movie matinee.
We learnt how to bowl and would be allowed to go to the local bowling alley to play a couple Saturday night games.
Mom and Dad took us to Disney Land, Knotts Berry Farm, Magic Mountain, Sea World and all the other amusement parks located in the vicinity of where we lived in Southern California. We would go at least once a year to at least a couple of these places.
I don't remember a lot of hugging and kissing or voiced "I Love Yous". There were very, very, few times I can think of where these things were said and done. There was not a lot of hugging or compliments handed out, I believe Mom thought more on the things we needed to hear that would make us into better people. Mom wasn't a lovey- dovey, huggy- kissy, person to me.
However, on the other hand, Mom was a very strong woman who took care of her family the way she knew how. Our house was always spotless, nothing ever out of place. Breakfast, even if it was just cereal was made, dinner was always on the table, ready and waiting when my dad came home from work. Our clothes were always washed and clean and ready to be worn. We never lacked anything we needed physically. We were taught to clean our rooms and make our beds and mow the yard, but we actually assisted very little with all the things Mom did and that it took to run a five member household.
After Moving back to Tennessee, when I was fourteen years old, Mom not only continued, as a Mother, doing the things at the house, she also began working outside the home. As with everything Mom did, she took her jobs seriously and was a dedicated, professional employee.
My Mom was a good woman, who did the best she knew how, with everything she did.
Mom was often embarrassed by the fact she did not have a high school diploma. Mom had had to quit school in the eighth grade to help at home, while her Mother was ill and she had 10 other siblings. I have to admit, I always felt sad for her when she would mention not having a high school education as if it made her feel less intelligent. To me, that thought was ridiculous!!! Mom may not have had all the "book" intelligence that one can acquire, but Mom was a very intelligent lady, who through her life time was able to learn to do and accomplish anything and everything she set her mind to.
Mom was not real happy when I first became involved with Wendell, but over the years they became each others biggest fans!!!LOL!!! Boy, would she be proud of him now if she had been here for the last two years!!! I can almost hear her singing his praises!!!!
Until you have been there, the loss of a Mother is a feeling that is hard to understand. Loosing the one person who had been involved in pretty much every aspect of your entire life is difficult to come to terms with at times. I miss Mom more today than that dreadful day she left us two years ago.
My joy becomes somewhat restored in the knowledge that we will someday see, speak, and continue on, together!!! I Love You Mom!!! Sept. 12, 1942 - March 23, 2009

P.S. I was always so proud of her beauty!!! She was 66 years old but did not look or act old. She use to ask my advice on her wardrobe and what she was wearing. She was always a very stylish lady. She would always ask me "Do you think I look like I am trying to dress too young?" My reply to her was always the same.."NO Mom, you look great!" (I don't understand these women, who, when they reach a certain age, think they have to start wearing elastic waist, polyester, with large designs,). So my answer was always the same to her ..."Mom you look beautiful!! When you get to that age where you feel the need to start wearing what looks like your kitchen curtains or table cloth we will need to talk!!!" LOL!!!!


Karen Crabtree said...

I was thinking of you and your family today. Your Dad reminded me Sunday that Your Mom has been gone now two years. I told him I try not to think of dates because it is so hard each day, that I try not to remember that particular date. But it is good to remember even if it hurts.
Your Mom was a beautiful woman!! I see her in you!! She absolutely made the best fudge I have ever eaten!! I remember being at a birthday party and your Mom made fudge. I loved it!!! I got a hug most every Sunday because
your Mom & Dad came down our side of the church to
leave. Now I try to catch your Dad as he leaves. Our
parents did the very best they could to raise us. My family has always been big huggers, so I hug before thinking sometimes that maybe that person is not comfortable doing that. But your Mom seemed to like it.
Just wanted you all to know I love you and feel your pain on this second anniversary.
Love you guys!!!
Karen & family

Completely7 said...

I wish I could tell you that missing your mom will get better. Unfortuantly it does not. I considered my self blessed to have gotten to know your mom before she went home to Heaven.She was a very special lady. I enjoy jokeing with your dad as well. I will be praying for you extra. I know you miss her. Helen :'(