Monday, March 14, 2011


I'm going to try not to speculate and try desperately to rely on my "word" which is Trust. I know there is definately something not right, I'm just unsure how wrong it is, so this is the time when I am going to not speculate, and just "Trust" that what ever the Lord has in store for me, is for my good. I am having tests this week. If you think of me please pray that above all I will remember to "trust".


Peggy said...

I will pray for you:)

Roger said...

My Dear Debbie & Wendell, My heart is in pieces. I have witnessed the destruction in Japan & now after reading your blog I am filled with grief & concern! My emotions are a mess. I have a test tonight in Sign Language & I do not know wheather I can be fully consintrated enough to do well. My day is filled with prayer both for you Debbie & those in Japan who I do not know. One thing I do acknowlegde, my GOD is suciffent to sustain me. In HIM alone is my hope. Blessings to All, your friend & brother in Christ, Roger

Debbie said...

Thank You Peggy and Roger!!!
I know that both of you have prayed countless prayers for me over the past few years!!! I also know that you have not had the greatest health Roger, but have still found time and energy to pray for me!!! Thanks sooo much!!!

Completely7 said...

I am praying. We are praying. Love you all. Keep trusting.

Karen Crabtree said...

Thinking of you and praying all is well!!