Monday, March 7, 2011

Our Little Joy.

Everything seems to be moving right along....Jean is home and doing well...Wendell is spending a lot of time working at the store... Kiah is enjoying her senior year of high school...Punky is working at the store and enjoying her friends, Jess is working hard and learning to Kick Box is tax time, and once again I am sooooo far behind it will take me until April 15th 2012 to have everything ready for the accountants!!!! This time of year is very trying for me!!!!

The joy in our lives these days is babysitting my great nephew, who has Wendell, Punky, Kiah and I, wrapped around his tiny little fingers!!! I have babysat him off and on since he was about four months old, he is 17 months now. He is one of ten, of my sisters grand babies. She keeps him while his mother works and I keep him while she works. He has brought JOY back into our household!!! He lights up our home!!! I kept him everyday last week, which is a little unusual, I am feeling as if I have lost my right arm today!!!

By the time I take him back to Teresa in the evening, I am totally EXHAUSTED!!! He wears me full of energy...he is never still!!! But he is worth every exhausting second!!! It is wonderful how God works. The baby came into our lives right after I had finished treatments and had very little energy and was just sitting home feeling so useless most days. He has brought sunshine and joy back into our house. He has gave me a reason to get up and force myself to function everyday!!! Isn't he just the cutest!!!!


Peggy said...

He's a sweetie for sure....precious!

Karen Crabtree said...

He is cute as can be!!! Get lots of hugs and kisses!!!