Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lazy Daze Camping

We just returned, this past weekend, from our annual camping trip. We have been going, along with several other families, to Townsend, (at the foot of the Smokies), on a camping trip for the last twelve years or so. My kids have grown up looking forward to this trip every summer. We have made some of our families fondest memories on these trips. This year as I cleaned and readied our camper, I shed many tears thinking about where I was last year at this time and where I am now, physically. Last year I was discharged from the hospital after having my second cancer surgery and came home for one night and then joined the kids on the camping trip. I was in pretty rough shape!!! Wendell, Kim and Karen spent a lot of their time caring for me on this trip last year. We also went camping in September last year and I ended up being admitted to the hospital on that trip. This year I felt pretty much back to my old self. I was able to cook and clean and do all the things I did in previous years. The Lord has been soooo good to me. I feel so blessed!!!! We were able to have several others come, stay, and enjoy part of the week with us. Punky's friend Brook came up from South Georgia and stayed from Saturday to Saturday with us, Reid spent Saturday night and Sunday with us, Jonathan spent Sunday and Monday night with us, Stephanie spent Monday and Tuesday nights with us and Joe, Brooks' boyfriend, drove up and spent Thursday and Friday nights with us. Teresa, Seth and Pam came up and spent Friday with us and Dad came up and spent Monday with us. We had a camper full most nights!!!! I love having my children with us and it is an added blessing to be able to spend time with their friends too. Wendell and I have had many conversations dreading the day they all leave home and we're left alone :( Brook and Joe came back home with us and spent Saturday night and left Sunday after dinner. We really enjoyed having them and hopefully they will get to come back before the summer is over!!!

Wendell, Me, Punky and Kiah.
Punky and Kiah
Joe and Brook
Lauren, Punky and Kiah.
Stephanie and Punky.
Kiah and Jonathan.
Me and Dad at "The Burger Master".

Joe, Brook, Wendell, Punky and Kiah before church on Sunday, Father's Day.