Thursday, July 8, 2010

Back From Knoxville

We just got back from Knoxville it's been a long day. We went for the PET Scan at 10:30 this morning it takes 2 hours for the whole process. Since my appointment with Dr. Boppanna is fairly early in the morning they gave me a disk of the CT scan to take with me in case they were unable to get it to him in time for my appointment, the PET Scan he is able to view and read over the Internet. I have felt pretty ill today from having to drink the contrast last night and another large bottle this morning. It leaves me feeling pretty yucky!!!! I can't eat after midnight the day before my scan so I was also pretty hungry when we got out. We went to have lunch and then to Sam's to pick up some things for the store and house. In Sam's Wendell turned to me and said he had a confession to make. Thinking, oh goodness, what has he done, I said ok, what? He told me to put on my glasses and then he showed me a text message from Dr. Boppanna. Apparently Wendell has been worried and didn't want to have to wait until tomorrow to find out the results, so he had text Dr. Boppanna this morning and asked him to review it today. The text said "Good News Clean PET Scan"!!!!! I couldn't hold back a few tears right there in the middle of Sam's. The tears were partly thankfulness over the good result and partly because I had no idea Wendell was that worried. I couldn't help but feel sad that he has had to endure so much with me over the past year and has had a front row seat on this emotional roller coaster that we have been riding. He has never complained even one time over having to do any of this with me. He has been by my side for every appointment, every trip to Nashville. He has sat for days in the hospital with me even through what was suppose to be his vacations and has never complained once. Wow, what did I ever do to deserve such love and devotion? He is my Knight in Shining Amour!!!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Third PET Scan

I just got through drinking what seems like a five gallon bucket of "contrast" in preperation for my PET Scan scheduled for tomorrow morning. This will be my third one, it has been a little more than nine months since my treatments ended!!! Yeah!!! Dr. Boppanna says the first year is critical. I have to admit I get a little uneasy at these times, I wonder if it will ever get easier or if I will always feel this way. Thankfully I go Friday morning to get the results. I'll let you know what happens!!!