Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Back To Nashville

Wendell is still very sick. He's still aching, coughing, weak and just generally feels miserable. He is feeling bad for not being able to go with me today. Please continue to pray for him. Stephanie has took off work to go with me. I tried to assure her that I would be fine and have no problem in going alone, but she came up with a hundred different reasons why I should not go alone:) ...The Doctors might say something that needed to be remembered, (like I forget things!!!)... she claims I might find Nashville but is afraid the return trip will get me, (a trip to the beach does sound nice.)... She claims I won't be able to find my way out of the parking garage, (that only happened once!!!)...She says I can't see (I can, if I can find my glasses!!!!)...
Anyway, I am leaving with a smile on my face after recieving the sweetest video text from two of the cutest little men I know, Thanks Scottie & Isaiah!!! You made my day alot brighter!!!
God is truely so good to me.

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