Thursday, March 12, 2009


Stephanie and I left for Vanderbilt at 9:30 yesterday morning. My first appointment was with Dr.Clayton, the prosthodentist. They made 3 impressions of my mouth. Everyone had been telling me this would not be a fun experience. So I had been praying that the Lord would help me during this process, and once again He proved faithful! I loved Dr. Clayton! He sat down and took his time explaining things to me. He will be making my post op. obturator from the impressions he made yesterday. He will send the obturator to Dr. Netterville who will put it in place at the end of my surgery. Immediately upon my release from Vanderbilt I will return to Dr. Clayton's office to have any adjustments needed, made to the obturator before coming home. I will have to have other obturator's made in the future, after healing from surgery.
My next appointment was with the anesthesiologist. They took blood, did an EKG, took chest xrays and then another CT scan. I don't know the results of these tests, I guess if they find anything more they will contact me. If not, I won't have to go back until my surgery on the 24th. It was a long day. I got back home at 10:00pm.
I had spoke to Wendell on the phone several times yesterday and he was telling me of all the people who had called or had came by the store to ask about me. I stopped at the store to get gas and was overwhelmed by the concern everyone was showing towards me!!!! I have found it hard to keep my make-up on today! I have been thanking the Lord continually today for all of you. I thank you for the cards you have sent with words of encouragement, I thank you for the phone calls, e-mails, comments here on my blog, letters, books, everything you have done for me, THANK YOU!!!! We have had people offer to work at the store during the times Wendell has been with me, I've had people offer to help clean my house, or just to do anything we might would need help with. We are so blessed to have all of you as our friends. God has blessed us with some of the kindest, caring, most encouraging friends we could ever have!!! Thank You!!!!


Pastor Bret M. Pallotta said...

Mrs. Debbie,
We continue to pray for you. I know the Lord is working in special way. Anything we can do, please do not hesitate to call on us. I know God's grace is sufficient for all you are facing.
God bless you,
Bro. Bret Pallotta and family

Pastor Bret M. Pallotta said...

P.S. Troubles and conflict makes you strong! Living with Bro. Wendell has made you VERY STRONG!
LOL :)
Bro. Bret Pallotta

Lynn Cantrell said...

Debbie and Wendell and of course your lovely family you are all in our prayers. There are people all over this world praying for you and your family. Sometimes we may not understand why things are happening but the one who knows it all has everything under control. As I have told Wendell if you need anything at all please just give us a call. You are in my prayers!!!!