Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Out of Surgery

Hello Friends and Family. This is Stephanie. You know, mom's cute, funny, wonderful, and favorite child (It's really great having mom's blog password). Mom is still a little too loopy to allow on the computer. You never know what she'll say when she's not doped up. Doped up is far to dangerous.

Watching Wendell talk on the phone yesterday I can't imagine someone doesn't know all these detail but just incase someone missed out.....

Well surgery is over. Dr. Netterville talked very positive and told us that mom has a "bright future". The tumor was some-what bigger than what they expected. But it had defined edges(this is a good sign). Of course nothing is for certain until her biopsy comes back sometime next week. When I left the hospital last night, she was in a lot of pain. The doctors were assuring us that this would be even better this morning.

Along with the tumor, the doctor had to remove 3 back teeth. You won't be able to see these. (Pun intended). Seriously, it shouldn't be noticed in her smile....she still won't look like a true and tired Tennessean!

Since the tumor was bigger than they thought the orbturator was still not large enough to cover the whole in the roof of her mouth. Dr. Netterville was able to use some material in the operating room to extend it (these guys are amazing). This was only a temporary one any ways. She will probably being stopping by Dr. Clayton's office before she leaves Nashville.

After surgery Dr.Netterville decided not to put in a feeding tube. They are going to start her on a liquid diet this morning. If that goes well she won't need the feeding tube. If I know my mom she'll be chugging whatever necessary to avoid the tube. She was dreading it.

The tumor was also pushing into the muscle. For this reason he had to go up "into her skull" (his words not mine) and cut out of some of the muscle. These are interior muscles and not exterior so will create no change in her outward appearance.

I have took a lot of photos and will try to put them on later today along with an update. Keep checking back. Also Dr.Netterville drew a picture of everything. When I get around a scanner I'll get that on here also.

If you haven't got a personal phone call through all this....let me assure you that we still love you. We are tired, grieving, healing, and just carrying on. We may have forgotten a few along the way but never intentionally.

With much love,


Tim Giddens said...

Praise the LORD!
We sure do love you all!

Pastor Bret M. Pallotta said...

We are praying for you all and thinking of you often. Thanks be to the Lord, great things He hath done! Let Mrs. Debbie and Bro. Wendell know we are continuing to pray about the great load that you all are carrying.
God bless you,
Pastor Bret Pallotta, Mrs. Tammy and Emily