Monday, March 16, 2009

Laughter is Good Medicine!!!

I was feeling much better and went to Church Sunday night. I was looking forward to the spiritual uplifting I knew I would find there. And I was not to be let down!!!

First: We were blessed with the presence of a man and his wife who are missionaries to Canada. The wife spoke of her childhood experience of being held captive in war time and how God was faithful. I hung on her every word!

Then after Church: I was blessed with the uplifting of my friends!!!

Bro. Tony & Sis. Melissa I was tickled to receive your gift! My heart was all aflutter as I searched the package over for the instructions on how to get them down the tube!! I must admit I was only briefly discouraged when no instructions were found, and decided I would just have to devour them now!!!

I feel it necessary to explain to Bro. Jones that the cancer has not entered my brain cells yet, contrary to how it may have seemed when he was asking me how I was feeling and I started stammering like a dummy. The reason…Stephanie was standing there and as I was speaking she started laughing, I became self conscious thinking what did I say…something stupid?
What I was unaware of was, she was not laughing at me, she was laughing at the jealous church member standing behind me lifting her skirt tail wondering why her “skeeter bite” is not generating as much sympathy!!!!

My favorite of all!!! I’m still laughing over this one!!!! I have been accused by my family of having an inappropriate sense of humor when it comes to my current situation, although most of the time their laughing hysterically with me while admonishing me. So when the rare soul comes along, with my same sarcastic sense of humor and can laugh along with me, instead of being uncomfortable, it brings me great pleasure!!! So to my wonderful friend from the back, I say thank-you!!! I’m still laughing over our conversation!!!

Laughter is DEFINITELY good medicine!!!

P.S. I must admit that is a pretty bad looking "bite" :(


Anonymous said...

I feel much sympathy for the poor
soul with the large,stitched up,
hole in her leg.Especially since
she got a severe allergic reaction
to the band-aid,I mean bandage,that
protected the wound.Still I see that the ridicule she has endured
has not made her bitter.What a saint!

Teresa said...

Rolling on floor laughing out loud!!!!
I've figured out who the "jealous church member" is, who the friend with the "sarcastic sense of humor" is (I love her too ;) )and who "annonymous" is. It's enough to keep you in stitches. Oops, sorry "jealous church member" um a... I mean "anonymous", didn't mean to bring up bad memories with the stitches reference.

Anonymous said...

Check this link out, you may know this song, but if not listen to it. Your friend.