Thursday, March 26, 2009

Friday Morning

There's not alot that's changed since yesterday morning. Still on the morphine pump. Still hurting if medicine has worn off. Still drinking some but not a lot. Still don't know when we might be going home. The Doctors are a little concerned with her oxygen level. They've hooked her back to a monitor to watch it. Just about the time she falls asleep it starts beeping and Wendell or I are reminding her to take "deep breathes" Yeah, she's over us.

A speech theripst came in. She listen to mom make some sounds. Mom is very understandable. Her speech might be a little slurred but part of it is from being so sore, and part of it is from the morphine. She probably will not even need speech theraphy.

About the picture: It was taken right after surgery when they first moved mom to a room. I had to crop mom out of it because I'm the nice daughter (look close, you can still see her nose). As you can tell we were acting a little silly.

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