Sunday, April 15, 2012

I Have Been Inspired!!!!

I have been anxiously awaiting the delivery of the decision, from the insurance company, on whether they will cover the cost of the work I need done in my mouth. The problems are a direct effect of the 37 radiation treatments I endured. I appreciate any and EVERY prayer on this matter and will say thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to lift me and my trial to the Lord's ears. Thank-You, Thank-You, Thank-You!!!!
I know I said a lot of things in my last post that were not the happiest most positive things I could say. I have not only struggled physically, but I have also been going through an emotional trial over the last several months. I say emotional and don't use the word spiritual because I still have faith that God DEFINITELY knows what He is doing, and He has a plan for the path my life down here will take. I know He is in control!!! I know He has led me down the path I have walked !!! I know in the end it will be for my good!!!!
"And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God"
Romans 8:28 KJV
So spiritually I am good!LOL!! It's emotionally that I have struggled. I am going to go into sharing more details of this struggle in my blogging but I have something I want to share first.
Wendell's cousin Charlene and her husband Roger came to TN for a visit over the last two weeks. I have met and enjoyed Charlene's company on several occasions in the past, but I had never met Roger personally. I have heard from him over this blog and if I am not mistaken through a note once. Wendell has told me on many, many, many, occasions that Roger said to tell me he was praying for me. A few years ago Roger was in an accident, that by all human standards, he should not have survived. But he did!!! God has a servant in Roger like no other one I have met!!! Roger suffered from traumatic brain injuries as a result of the accident. It profoundly changed the way he lives his life. He has suffered physically in ways that we can't understand. Mentally he is also a changed man, for example he has a problem comprehending conversations some times and will need a more detailed account of what is being talked about. I, having so many health issues right now of my own, did not spend near as much time as I would have liked to, visiting with Roger and Charlene. Roger's story of survival is amazing, and the direct work of the loving hand of God. Roger's love for our Lord and his desire to "give back" is so amazing and astronomically inspiring!!!! I guess what I am trying to say here is....I have been inspired over the last two weeks. I have never met a kinder person in my life. I have never met someone who loves and cares deeply for everyone the Lord crosses his path with. Roger's thought process may have changed, the way he comprehends things may have changed, all due to the terrible accident he indured, but the person he is now ....I am in awe of!!! Thank you Roger for helping to give me a better view on how I should strive to live my life. Wow, if the world was filled with kind, thoughtful, loving, and most of all praying people like you, this would be less like the world, and more like heaven. My hearts desire right now is to have a mind set more like Roger's. How I desire to view others with the kindness and love Roger seems to love and view them with. After having finally gotten to meet Roger, I am left with a lot to ponder on!!!! Thank-You Roger for opening my eyes to some things I needed to see!!! Thank-You for helping to ignite the desire in me to strive to be a kinder more loving person. Thank-you for helping me to have the desire to live my life more like you live yours...Christ like!!!!
I hope to start updating this blog more frequently in the future. I have a lot to say!!!LOL!!! I also want to share here, for those of you who live around here and know my family and I, what Wendell's plans are for the store and why. So... enough for now....more later....


Peggy said...

Still keeping up with your blog~

Karen Crabtree said...

Love you guys!! So happy you are posting!! Couldn't sleep so I thought I would get on the computer!
So many things have changed the last few years, but happy our friendship has stayed the same!
I have seen you near death's door and I am so happy you are here with us!! It might take time, but I am sure you will get your teeth fixed.
You are beautiful!!