Monday, April 6, 2009

Back from Dr. Clayton's office and Vandy...

Thank God for another safe trip. We were able to make the appointment on time even maneuvering through a driving rain/snow storm; especially heavy on the western edge of the plateau with Monterey being the toughest area and thank God He took us through it and back.

At Dr. Clayton's, we were able to get the prostheses out after some numbing medicine, however he was not able to get it back in. She is only able to open her mouth 1/3 the amount she was able to last Wednesday, when we last saw him. Therefore, they placed a very simple thin mouth piece, which does not completely cover the hole, in place of the prostheses until we can get the jaw muscles working properly again. By the way, she can talk but it is very hard to understand her and that can become very frustrating. I was talking to Brother Jones today and told him we just need to pray for more grace and I know you all have been and truly appreciate it.

On to Vandy we went to get more pain medicine and a terabyte (a tool used to excercise the jaw muscles) so hopefully we can get more jaw action going on. Please pray as this could become a serious situation.

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Karen Crabtree said...

Debbie & Wendell,
It's going to take time and therapy to get that muscle working. I know Debbie you can do it cause you are a tough lady. It seems like having babies is so much easier sometimes than surgery. But I just know you can do it with God's help. If we could do it for you we would.
Take care,
Karen & family