Saturday, April 11, 2009

Up To Date

After our visit to Dr. Clayton’s office, on Wednesday, April 1st, I was a little scared to try to take out my obturator at home on my own. I finally attempted it on Friday and was unsuccessful. My mouth would only open about ½ inch and there was no way to get it out. So we returned to Dr. Clayton’s office on Monday. He said my mouth was only opening 1/3 of the amount it had the previous week. He said it was a little unusual for that to happen. After a lot of numbing, pulling, tugging and praying, once again he was able to get it out. He tried grinding it down a little at a time till there was not much of the pink bubble gum looking stuff left on it. That stuff is what goes up into the hole to seal it off to keep it from leaking, so when I eat or drink it does not come out my nostrils!!! He ground it down a lot but it still would not go in. He finally had to just make me a mouth piece with nothing to actually seal the hole on it, but I was thankful. At least he was able to come up with something, if not I would have had to go for a feeding tube. The thought of that scares me to death.

I can remove the mouth piece on my own which makes me feel a lot better. My speech is a lot worse though. I can no longer answer the phone because it is hard for people to understand me. The few times I have been out in public I have hated talking. People just look at me like I am mentally challenged!!! Wendell can pretty much understand everything I say and interprets to others for me!!!

This blog pretty much brings my details up to date. I pretty much took pain meds and slept for the first 15 days after surgery, only going out to Dr. appointments. I started feeling quite a bit better on about the 16th day after surgery. I still have to have my pain meds about 3 or 4 times during the day because of muscle spasm in my jaws and face. I can only eat smooth, creamy things like mashed potatoes, soup juice, or puddings. My portion control is great!!! It takes me about 30-40 minutes to eat a small store bought Jello pudding. I can only open my mouth about a half an inch and my speech is frightening to young children!!!

I am thankful for my God and His precious grace that has got me and Wendell through this. He has made Himself so real in my heart and life. Once again I marvel at His goodness.

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