Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Downside To: "Back To Normal"

Our family was blessed with the opportunity to get away this past weekend with a trip to Pigeon Forge. H.T. Hackney, the company that delivers our supplies to the store, was having a show at The Wilderness Hotel and paid for our stay there Friday and Saturday night. Our friends came up and joined us on Saturday. For those who may not know The Wilderness Hotel has an indoor water park on sight. The kids and Wendell had a great time on the slides and Karen and I were extremely content to sit on the sidelines and watch!!! We attended the show Saturday and Sunday. There was every vendor you could imagine set up there, with free samples of everything. I think Wendell tried everything at least twice!!!! I was able to sample the ice cream and soup and do a lot of smelling!!!! It was the first time our family had been out together since my surgery. It was really nice to just get away together and have fun. Thank You Hackney!!!!

As I wrote in my last entry I am feeling almost normal again which, as good as that sounds, has it's downside too!!! I am the one in our household who has pretty much always took care of everything concerning the running of the house.... laundry, cleaning etc... I have never really asked the kids for much help since they are in school all day and I have been blessed with the ability to stay home (even when I worked it was usually night shift). I have thought many times that I was not doing my kids any favors by doing everything for them, even cleaning their rooms. I have thought about how I needed to have them do these things so they would not grow up ignorant to the woman's role in maintaining a home:). It has always been easier for me to just do it while they were in school instead of waiting till they came home to teach them how to do the laundry and cleaning. Well I have said all that to say... the downside to feeling normal... While I was "not myself" my girls took over, without ever being asked, and cleaned my house weekly just like I have always done!!!! They kept the laundry done, which is not an easy task in this household with everyone working at the store and smelling like grease from cooking, we do five loads a day!!! Some of you moms, like me, probably have never experienced this joy, so let me tell you about it!!!! Imagine sitting in your recliner, laying back on your favorite pillow, covered with a fussy blanket, controlling the remote, sipping a cold can of diet coke and watching as your lovely, previously untrained children, sweep, mop, vacuum, dust, scrub the tub, scrub the toilet etc...just like you would do it... hard to even fathom...but pure heaven!!! This was my life up until this week when they seemed to realize Mom's pretty much back to OK!!!!! Oh well, it was great while it lasted!!!! Seriously girls, I'm extremely proud of you and thankful for the way you all just took over and kept things done. I feel like the luckiest Mom in the world, so don't spend time contemplating what to get me for Mother's Day as you usually do, You've done enough!!! I Love you bunches!!!!

Tomorrow is the day we travel back to Nashville for my appointment with the Radiology Oncologist. I would be lying if I said I was not a little nervous about this visit. Our radiology oncologist friend in Florida, after reviewing my path report, was of the opinion that I would not need radiation treatments. I am just anxious to hear it from this Dr. at Vanderbilt who has been in direct consultation with my surgeon. I know it is in the Lord's hands and what ever His will for me is, He will provide the grace. Please help me to pray His will be done.

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Karen Crabtree said...

Let us know how it goes tomorrow. We pray no radiation and hope for some info on opening your mouth. We had a great time Saturday & Sunday. You know we love food and especially already ready to eat. It was lots of fun. We thank you all for asking.
Take care,
Karen & family