Saturday, April 4, 2009

Saturday's Latest

Today has been a very restless and painful day for my wife; probably the most painful since we came from the hospital. We called Dr. Clayton to see if we could come down today to see him and he was not able to get back with us. We think if we could take the prostheses out and let her jaw rest it would help the pain, however when we tried to remove it yesterday it bled really bad and we were unable to get it out. We hope to get into to see the Dr. Monday so he can remove it and make the necessary adjustments.

Even with the pain, we continue to thank God for the good news we have received earlier in the week. My wife has said to me more than once today "I feel so bad for others who are going through much worse pain for much longer." I have to agree but at the same time it hurts to see your wife suffer and not be able to eat as she has. Thanks again for your many prayers and concerns for our family.

On another note, a friend of mines wife has kidney cancer and is unsaved. Some of our church family will go to visit her tomorrow. Please pray God will deal with her heart.

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