Wednesday, June 3, 2009

3:00 Update

Mom's doing great. It's so nice to spend time with her in the room. She was able to get up to use the restroom and they have a chair ready for her when she feels like sitting up. I can't emphasize enough the difference between now and last time. It is truly amazing.

For those of you who want to know all the little details:
  • Her leg is a bloody mess from where they took the skin graft. It is actually bleeding out of the bandage quite a bit.
  • Her hand IV was leaking so they disconnected it and are using a IV in her foot. She has teeny blood vessels and it's hard for the nurses to find them.
  • She has some congestion. However she is able to cough some of it up through her trach. They are really encouraging her to keep working on this.
  • Her left hand is bandaged in an uncomfortable way. You can tell a little in the photo below. She said her fingers feel like they are asleep but she can still move and feel with them. The doctors had told her she might experience some numbness in this hand.
  • She has a new paper tablet that's she's writing on--and working hard to keep Wendell and I straight on things.
  • She has a wonderful nurse taking care of her today but she's really dreading the night nurse coming back!
  • She didn't sleep at all last night and hasn't any today, so far.

Even though she's not in the best shape, she's been asking about Granny Adkission. And also talking about the patients around her being so pitiful.


Scott and Kristan said...

Isn't God good? I am so glad to hear such good news.

Karen Crabtree said...

Debbie & family,
We are so glad the surgery is over and hopefully you will be doing lots better in a few weeks. I know surgery was so long and you had to be worn out. Punky, Kiah and Katie woke up to 2 skillets of fried potatoes, tea biscuits, bacon and apple butter. They swam later in the day and have gone to church tonight. I love having your girls around. I'm so use to just men.
The girls looked at your blog today and read what was posted. They love their Mom and will be glad to see you soon.
Debbie- We love you and are praying for you. Take care and call if you all need anything.
Love, Karen & family