Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Today has not been as dramatic as yesterday. She has seemed to feel a little better for the most part of the day. She has gotten some color about her tonight something she has not had since surgery. Her face is not quite as swelled and she was able to walk around the loop in the hall 2 times today. She sure has more strength about her today. She got her bath about 5:00 today so hopefully that will help her rest.

The Dr's felt like they may have had us on too fast of track yesterday so they have slowed down on therapy including swallowing, jaw opening and motion as well as the diet. All the things I take for granite that we naturally do are the things she is currently struggling with. God has blessed us beyond all measure and we don't realize all his benefits until one is taken away. As for going home, that has not really been a hot topic today but I do think Thursday or Friday we should be home.

Visitors for today: Stephanie Megan Jones Teresa Lynn Francis Tommy L. Hurst Thanks for coming and helping out today. Stephanie most of all thanks for taking my chair. LOL

I missed church tonight. I am sure we had a great service. We love you all and thanks for praying for us. Wendell.


Stephanie said...

I'm so sorry. I wouldn't have thought you minded me sitting in the chair. After all you were asleep in MOM'S BED!

Karen Crabtree said...

Wendell & Debbie,
Worried about you all today. Haven't heard from you. I'm glad Debbie has gotten to slow down some and gradually do therapy. It's so hard I know for you and her. Her for the pain and you because you love her so. Just know we all care and will do what we can to help. Let us know when you all may get to come home or camping.
Karen & family

Peggy said...

Always checking for updates, and still praying. Our wonderful church, Fellowship still praying, too.