Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The latest before you go to bed

Dr. Netterville and his herd came in tonight and told us that the liquid diet was started too early and that she should not be on any form of smooth liquid other than a tad of water on a sponge. He did say she could eat some milk shake or frosty if she wanted it.

Her face is swelled today but he was not alarmed by that. He says most or all of that will go away. She is much better right now with vitals good and her nerves calmed. She is clean for the second time today as I bathed her again thinking this would give her a better nights rest. She wanted her hair washed so we did that over the sink. Right this moment she is calm and resting. Please pray for a good night. We love you all. Wendell.

Oh by the way, we are not getting out tomorrow as I am sure you figured.

Visitors for today: The one and only Ron Roberts from Huntsville, Al. Thank goodness he was in a hurry and only stayed 30 minutes or so. Thanks Ron for dropping in.

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