Monday, June 22, 2009

A Quick Update

It's been a while since Wendell last updated my blog, so I thought I would try to take a few minutes and give a partial update. I, once again, have a lot I want to share but will have to do it over the course of several blogs, because my strength is still not great.

After coming home from the hospital on Thursday night, we spent Thursday night and Friday night at home. For the last 10-12 years we have went on a camping trip to Townsend, (a quiet little town at the foot of the Smokies), with anywhere from 8 or more other families. We always go the same time every year, and make our reservations a year in advance. I had tried to prepare everything before my surgery for this trip in the hope that we would still be able to go. We have a fully self contained camper...beds, couch, TVs, full bath, kitchen... so we don't rough it by any means!!! I was in the hopes that I could recuperate in my camper and Wendell and the girls would still be able to enjoy one of our favorite vacations. So that's where we have been. I mostly stayed in the camper and slept and Wendell and the girls were able to have a much needed and deserved good time. My sister Kim made sure I had mashed potatoes to eat every day, yes I'm back on the potatoe diet again:), and she made sure I had fresh ice tea to drink every day, it was the only thing that refreshed and quenched my thirst. My great friend Karen was there constantly, never going far from my camper in case I needed anything. She was there waiting on me hand and foot!!! I was cared for better by these two than the nurses in ICU!!! And I am not kidding!!!! I have some stories to share at another time. Anyway, THANKS Kim and Karen. I love you both and so appreciate the great love and care you showed me during what time was suppose to be your vacations too!
We went to Townsend on Saturday and returned home this past Saturday. I want to post pics and tell all the details of my surgery, hospital stay, and everything else I have experienced over the last few weeks but I will have to do it in several blogs. I still hope for this blog to somehow be a help to anyone else who may be diagnosed with this cancer in the future, in knowing what to expect along the journey.
So for now I will just say as of today I am still on my pain meds every two hours, I sleep a lot, my face is still swollen and causes me to feel pretty miserable most of the time. I can eat soft foods...potatoes:) and I can swallow to drink and take my meds. My throat is still pretty sore.

Well that's about all I can write for now but will try to start with the details soon. I still very much covet your prayers. Without prayer and the grace of my dear Lord I know I would have given up. God has been good to me. I can't say I understand why, but I still believe His grace will be sufficient for me. I know He never promised me an easy journey but how I cherish knowing He said He would never leave or forsake me and His Grace will be sufficient for my every need!!!


Teresa Buck said...

Debbie: You are on my mind constantly. I am so glad you updated your blog, I check it often. I saw Teresa and your dad at the reunion and we missed you not being there. I pray that God's healing hand will be upon you and with your strong faith, you will get through the trials ahead. We love you.
Teresa & Junior

Karen Crabtree said...

You are very welcome. You know I didn't mind at all to be close by the camper. I just rested while you tried to rest. All in all, I think we had good weather and I think everyone had a great time. Of course, some of us put on more fried potato pounds. I do hope and pray you will begin to have strength and feel better soon. Try to drink your boost breeze. It will help with getting some energy. We love you and pray you have a good day today. Call if you need me!! Love, Karen & family.
P.S. It's great to have sisters!!

Karen Crabtree said...

Of course, its great to have brothers too!!!
Karen & family