Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Good Morning to you

Well God has given us another beautiful day. A man once said to me, each day is a picture of the resurrection with the rising and setting of the SON. It is quite amazing how God put this great earth together and every thing He created I believe He created with the human race in mind. What an awesome God we serve.

Debbie did not get much rest at all says the nurse. I know they were in here at 3:00 a.m. to change her IV as the old one quit working. She has alot of mucous in her throat and just can't seem to cough much of it up. Please help us pray today as it has been ordered for us to get up and walk in the hall, take small sips of water and maybe the milkshake or frosty. It needs to be a little thicker than just regular juice which reduces the risk of it sliding down the wrong pipe.

Thanks for your prayers. We love you all. Wendell.


Karen Crabtree said...

Wendell & Debbie,
We all get up in the morning wondering how Debbie did during the night. Tell her she is on our minds and we are praying for her. Tell her whatever she needs let us know and if we can do it we will. We all want her to feel so much better. Give her a kiss for us!!
Karen & family

Scott and Kristan said...

We are still praying. Please tell her she is on our minds throughout the day. Love ya'll

misty said...

Debbie and Wendell,
We have had you all in our prayers and thoughts, I check everyday to see how she is doing, and think about her often through the day. I wish I could do something to help you all out, but I will just keep praying for you!!! Wendell, you are a good man! you should be given a really large pat on the back for being such a good man and husband to her, you both hang in there. Love you all!!
Misty, Malachi, and Mackeinzie