Tuesday, June 9, 2009

After the good news.....

We have taken somewhat of a setback with the liquid diet. The nurses came in and tried to give her liquid medicine, which we should have started with water or juice, and needless to say it went down her wind pipe. Her heart rate jumped to 160 (normally 90) her oxygen dropped to low 70's and she became very ill feeling. She is now stable but very miserable. She remains on oxygen and her level is at 95-100, which 100 is where it should be without using the oxygen.

Her face on the side of the surgery and neck has become very hard today. It almost feels like bone it is so hard. She is extremely concerned about that. Many Dr's and therapist have been in today but she is feeling so poorly they are not bothering her because of her heart rate and oxygen level. Her blood pressure is a little higher than usual, yet not alarming.

I'm pretty sure this will hinder us from coming home tomorrow but we continue to trust in the Lord for strength. During the time she was at her worst, the care partner walked in with a card from The Chapman's and the first line read: We know you are in storm but God has a purpose. God is always on time and I am so thankful he uses His people to encourage us along the way. We love all of our friends and please pray for us, today is the toughest day we have had.

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