Monday, June 8, 2009


Dr.s and therapist have been in all day. They are trying to get her on a balanced diet with the feeding tube. They are going to work on her swallowing tomorrow. Her mouth is doing great today. I am so proud of my woman. She is tough as nails and has been through alot. The mental aspect of this whole thing is what I would ask everyone to begin praying for. This is not easy after all of the medications and trauma she has undergone. We have the greatest church family and support in this world. The more I am around this hospital, the more I see some people have noone. That is so sad.

God is GREAT to us. Praise the Lord.

Monday visitors: Pastor and Sister Jones Thanks for coming. We love and appreciate you both. Anna Ruth thanks for my banana nut bread. Will it go to waste?............. ha not one crumb.

Michelle and Connor Johnson thanks guys and sorry Debbie was busy at the time. Always great to see our hometown friends.

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