Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Back To Vanderbilt

We travel back to Nashville to Vanderbilt tomorrow, for my post op. visit. My appointment is at 2:00ct which makes it 3:00 our time. I dread this trip for several reasons. First of all, patience is a virtue that clearly I do not possess! We have always had to wait close to two hours past our appointment time before seeing the doctor. Also, every time we go, we expect to hear one thing and then are blindsided with something we didn't expect to hear. This makes me a little nervous about tomorrows appointment. Please help us pray the Lord's will be done and that He will give us direction and peace over any decisions we may be faced with. This journey, at times has not been an easy one, but I know it is one the Lord has allowed to come into our lives. I know there is a purpose. Once again I covet your prayers. Once again I am standing on His promise... His Grace Will Be Sufficient.


Peggy said...

So good to see you on Tue night-you look great. Praying that all goes well today! Keep your eyes on Jesus!

Stephanie said...

Praying today's doctor visit is encouraging. And don't worry about Kiah. She's in good hands here. There will be no playing in the road on my watch. I'm even about to go get her out of bed. So you can rest easy about her!
Love Ya!

Debbie said...

Good Luck with the "get her out of bed" thing!!!!

Anonymous said...

Be thinking about you guys. Pray all is well!!!
The Everett Family