Wednesday, July 29, 2009

First Chemo

Wow. How blessed one is who has their health!!!! The things in life I was overlooking, now are becoming sweeter and more of a blessing each day as I see all that is going on with Debbie.

We started out this morning taking radiation at around 9:00 then went over to the chemo side. She went through the procedure very well, even ate a little Chik-fil-A while taking the chemo. We did not finish until 3:45. On the ride home she seemed to be ok (even though she calls my truck a log wagon thinking it rides rough) but as soon as we got home she went to bed and has been extremely nauseous even with all of the medication they have given her for that. They also told us day two and day three would be her sickest days from chemo so please pray they are wrong about that. She has had a low grade temperature which we have to monitor very closely. The Dr. told us if it gets to 100.5 we have to go to the hospital.

Thank you for your prayers and concerns. We are so blessed to have great friends. We love you all.

Wendell, Debbie and family.


Karen Crabtree said...

Wendell & Debbie,
It worries you so to watch your family and friends dealing with sickness, especially cancer. Just the word cancer scares you. We pray for you all to be able to get through all of the days ahead. We love you and will be thinking of you all.
Take care,
Karen & family

Scott and Kristan said...

Have been praying for you all. Was just thinking about you this morning. I so hope it all goes well.