Thursday, July 23, 2009

Preparing For Chemo Port & New Hair!!!

We went today for the consultation appointment with the surgeon that is going to put in my chemo port. Although Wendell may strike this pose so anyone looking will think he's praying, he's not!!! If I had videoed instead of the still picture you would hear him snoring!!! He somehow always manages to get in a little nap while waiting:)

I am to be at Baptist West tomorrow morning at 8:00 am, and the surgery, to put the port in, will be at 10:00 am. They will give me the same drug Michael Jackson supposedly took, Diprivan, to put me and keep me asleep during the procedure. It is administered through IV. The Doctor said it is a wonderful drug that causes you to fall asleep in about three minutes of it being started and become fully awake within three minutes of it being stopped. The procedure will only take about 30 minutes. I then have an appointment for my "dry run" radiation. I will begin the actual radiation treatments on Monday and the Chemo on Wednesday.

I have been told that I will loose my hair between the first and fourth chemo treatments, so we went wig shopping today. Although Wendell preferred the blonde Dolly Parton wig, I being the realist, knew I do not have what is needed to pull that one off :0 So I opted for the medium length brunette. Even though I look miserably mad in these pics, I'm not. It was actually quite a humorous experience!!! Because the left side of my face, neck, mouth and chest is numb, my smile is crooked now, so I do not like to record it on film!!! sorry!!!

So what do you think? I was actually having what I felt like was a really unusual good hair day today when we left the house but after trying on the different wig styles it was a disaster, so I wore the wig home. The sales lady suggest that you wear them before you loose your hair, to get use to the feel. It really wasn't that bad. Not too hot, like I would have thought. We stopped at Sam's and although I never felt as if the wig had shifted I was a little self conscious imaging it turning sideways or something and me not realizing it!!! But no mishaps to record! Thankfully my hair stayed positioned correctly on my head!!!
Just for the record, before the wig trials today, I was able to mark TGI Fridays off my list!!!


Kim said...

There is no way you could pull the
Dolly thing can't sing!
(I know you thought I was going to
say something else.)I like the wig.

Teresa said...

Reading Kim's comment I was reminded of Christmas and you and Rachel and a karaoke machine!! Too funny. I too like the wig.

Karen Crabtree said...

I love the wig!! And of course the bangs. No Kidding!!!
Your eyes look pretty. You look the same age as your girls!!!

Scott and Kristan said...

You look so pretty, like always.