Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Two Down...Thirty One To Go

Day two of radiation: Still no noticeable side effects. Although I have been incredibly tired today and have slept most of the day.
I will have my radiation treatment at 8:30 am tomorrow morning because I am scheduled to start my Chemo at 9:00 am. They say the first chemo day will be a long one, probably at least 6 hours. They will explain everything first, then hydrate me (through the port), then pre-meds, then the first chemo drug, then the second chemo drug. They do not have internet access which is really kind of a bummer but I am behind on my book work so that is probably how I will spend my time....if I'm awake that is...
I really don't know what to expect with the chemo, as far as side effects and when they will begin.
Thank you ahead of time to all those who will be praying for me tomorrow!!! God has truly been good to me.


Karen Crabtree said...

Thought about you today and wondered how you are. I will be thinking of you Wednesday and praying you do not get sick. Take care,
Karen & family

wilhelmina jones said...

Praying for you this morning. I have shared your story with Christian Friends in other places who are also praying for you and your family. I know God's grace is helping you as I see it each day in your updates. Praying for strength for the day today. Love you. Willie