Sunday, October 4, 2009

Another Night Of Insomnia

Another night of insomnia, it happens often, at least two or three times a week!!! I am able to get some things acomplished during these overnight hours, but I find my self wore out and sleeping all the next day. Oh well, I guess as long as things are getting done....
This week started out a little rough. I wasn't feeling well physically or mentaly. I still have no taste buds and can only swallow liquids or "runny" foods. I am practically deaf in my left ear again, which rings constantly. My neck becomes so stiff overnight that I wake crying untill I can get some meds in and they take effect. My neck, jaw and cheeck hurt constantly. My mouth is very dry but it could be and has been worse in the past, I still have some of my saliva glands, which is a real blessing. My energy level is at a lifetime low!!! I got very discouraged the first of the week over not having any energy, sleeping all day. But as the week went on it did get better!!! I know now that the treatments are over I want to be "well" and back to normal imediately and it just is not going to be that way, probably not for a long, long time. I also find myself morning the loss of my Mother more now that I am not so druged up. I don't think I have ever really started the morning process.
The Chemo doctor's office called and changed my appointment this week, I don't go until week after next. The Doctor was going to be out. I really didn't care though, because I believe this will be just a routine appointment. The radiation Doctor said I would not be needing any more chemo!!!!YEAH!!!! I don't go back to the radiation doctor for a month, for a check up. Then he will schedule a PET scan to take place two months from now. They have to wait for all the inflamation caused by the radiation to heal before doing the PET scan otherwise they could get false results. The PET scan will be done to see if I am cancer free.
I am going to try to sleep now, I hope to be well enough to attend Church today!!! I was able to go to two nights of our revival this past week. It was so good to be able to go and see my church family that I haven't been able to see for a couple of months. Dr. Gibbs from the Christian Law Association will be there today. He is always such a blessing to hear.
Well, nighty night for now!!!!


Karen Crabtree said...

I know what you mean with insomnia. I get up in the middle of night and do some chores, then it makes you so tired the next day. I'm glad you were able to go to revival last week. I'm sure everyone was glad to see you. Try to rest and hope to see you today at church.
Bryan came home last night from China. I was so glad to see him. Of course, the airline has lost his luggage.
Take care,
Karen & family

Tammy said...

We are still praying for you. I am so glad that you are done with radiation. Our church is praying for you every week. God Bless!