Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Our Delima

Well, with fall break here there were choices to be made....go on our annual fall break camping trip to Townsend with several other families, where the weather was forecast to be rainy and cool.... or head to Destin with some other friends, where sunshine and warm sand was in the forecast. We thought about it a lot and weighed the pros and cons and finally decided Sunshine and Warm Sand might just lift our spirits!!!! We normally make the trip to Destin every May but this year because of all that was going on we just couldn't do it. We have made the trip with our friends for the last eight or ten years, and it is one of my favorite vacations ever!!! We left home on Friday afternoon. It seemed to take us forever just to get out of Roane County because of all the last minute errands we had to make. We had only traveled for about an hour when hunger pangs took over and Wendell found a little "Mom & Pop" restaurant to get something for me to eat that I could swallow. Open faced roast beef sandwich at a little restaurant in Spring City (I think) called Bimbos. It was great. That was the first bread I have ate in months, covered in gravy I was able to swallow it. Then we were off again. We had a good time just being together with the girls, talking and laughing. We drove to Louverne Alabama, to a little Hotel we usually stay at if we break the drive down, which we new we would need to do this time because of me. This ended up being my weekly "insomnia" night, I did not sleep at all that night!!! Saturday morning about five o'clock I could stand it no longer and had to turn on the light to look at the phone book. This action just happened to wake the rest of the family up one by one. They all woke up in great spirits but refused to go in search of an IHOP at that hour!!! We laughed a lot and had a great time. They all finally went back to sleep and I went in search of the hotel's continental breakfast.
We got back on the road about eleven that Saturday morning. I complained to Wendell that my neck was really hurting, even after several pain pills. He informed me it was really swollen and started calling my Radiation Oncologist to see what to do. When we got to Destin he called us in a prescription for antibiotics that he said should work within twelve hours. Well they didn't. The pain and swelling only got worse. So yesterday after a sleepless night we went to the emergency room here in Destin. They did blood work and a CT scan. My blood count is fine but the CT scan showed a mass. They don't know for sure if it is infection or something more. They sent me to an ENT who did a needle biopsy and drew some of it out to be tested. We should find out this afternoon what it is. The ENT said I either need to come back to him today or head for home to be admitted into the hospital for IV antibiotics. It will not be a quick fix. He said I would have to be there for several days. Please pray for us. This is a pretty stressful time right now, waiting. I know God is in control and can and will supply the grace we need to deal with this. I haven't gave in to start home or go to the hospital here yet. I am really anxious to know the outcome of the biopsy, and would like to have that information before making the decision to stay here or come home to be admitted. I guess it goes without saying the feeling in the pit of my stomache when I here the word mass. Please help us to pray and I will update as soon as I can. Thank You!!!

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Peggy said...

Waiting to hear....try to enjoy that beautiful sun and water and sand!