Sunday, October 25, 2009

Things Are Going Well

The home health nurses came and set up Wendell with the antibiotics I need. Everything has been going well with them. I have today's dose and tomorrows and then I will be finished with them. I have an IV pole here and my port has been accessed since I was in the hospital so all Wendell has to do is sterilize everything and screw the ends of the antibiotic tubes onto the ends of the port lines and I'm good to go!!! I am taking two different antibiotics that take about 45 min. to an hour to administer, each.
Dr. Seifker, the ENT from Florida, has been a real blessing. We feel the Lord sent us to him. He has called Wendell's cell phone everyday since we returned home to check on me and order meds he thinks I need. He has started me on a steroid to loosen up my neck, It has been so hard and stiff for months now. It makes my throat feel constricted, which in turn makes it hard for me to swallow. After Dr. Seifker cleaned out the infection and started me on the antibiotics my jaw and neck loosened up some, and my mouth even opened more than it has in the past. After one day of taking the steroids my neck already feels more mobile. I will be taking them three times a day for five days so we will see what transpires!!!!
Our visit to Dr. Netterville went well. He took a metal probe and stuck it about two inches into the hole in my neck and searched for infection, he asked "Are you OK?" To which I replied "I'm fine" To which he said, "I wasn't asking you, I am worried about your husband!!!!" Wendell said the whole experience was pretty gruesome!!! Luckily I could barely feel it. All went well, Wendell stayed conscious and Dr. Netterville could find no infection. If all goes well, I will not go back to Dr. Netterville for another check up until January.
I have a visit with Dr. Bopanna, the radiologist, sometime the end of this month, I'll have to double check this one. And then in about another month I will go for the PET scan.
I am eating pretty good now, it still has to be pretty moist but swallowing is slooowly getting easier. As far as my taste buds go... if the flavor is real strong I can taste it some, otherwise food is still pretty bland.
James and Glenda cooked lunch and brought to us this week. We insisted that they stay and eat with us!!! We really enjoyed the company and the food was great. They made salad and Lasagna and bread, and a wonderful cream cheese desert, (which I finished off for breakfast this morning!!!!) Thanks!!!!
The Girls have all left for church this morning. I really miss going. My energy level is not real good yet but seems to be getting a little better the last few days. I am also alittle afraid of all the "stuff" going around. So maybe in a few more weeks. Wendell is trying to get my antibiotics administered so he can maybe make it in time for the morning worship service. I hope so.


Peggy said...

Good to hear good news!

Amy Maxwell said...

Praying for you!

Anonymous said...

i am very happy that things are going better for you, it is amazing how God always know exactly where we need to be and when! we love you guys!

Karen Crabtree said...

Glad to read your blog. I know your energy level seems to be up and down. Just rest when you can!!
Good to hear your swallowing is getting easier. Can't wait to see you eat some chicken or steak. Hopefully
it won't be long!!
Take care,
Karen & family