Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Back Home

We arrived back home in TN. Sunday night. The home health nurse came Monday and taught Wendell how to administer my antibiotics, I will be taking for the next ten days. My neck is starting to get stiff again and I am wondering if the infection is starting up again. I have an appointment in Nashville with Dr. Netterville tomorrow. I am anxious for this appointment. I have been feeling pretty rough and am in the hopes he will be able to get me on the mend again. I'm just not convinced this infection is still under control. I cancelled the appointment for the feeding tube that was scheduled for yesterday. I am waiting to see what Dr. Netterville thinks on the matter. I have been able to eat a little better lately and think I might not have to have it after all. I am really concerned over this infection, since being discharged from the hospital, I don't feel as if I am getting any better. I actually feel as if I am getting worse. I guess I will find out tomorrow. Thanks for your prayers.


Peggy said...

Did ya'll ever try a juicer? Freshly juiced fruits and veggies are highly nutritious. And you could add some protein powder.

Karen Crabtree said...

I hated to hear about your decision on the feeding tube. I know it is not what you want to do, but the Dr. in Florida sure seemed as though you needed it. I am afraid because your daily nutrition is not so good, you will keep an infection. With all you have been through,
I believe your body could use a little help and it seems like the feeding tube could do that. I love you and I worry about you. You and your family mean alot to me. Let us know how it goes in Nashville.
Take care,

Deborah Franklin said...

Debbie sorry to hear about the infection. Hope you get it under control. Have you tried to drink Ensure? It is loaded wthe nutrition. The doctor told my dad to drind this when he had cancer to help give him the nutrition he needed because he did not want anything to eat. Give it a try.